About Us

Now this is a story about how my life got turned upside down, 360 degrees round and round…

This started as an Idea…

Sometimes when you start things, you’re not really sure what you’re doing.

You just kind of start it because it’s an idea spurred by another desire to create an end result.

In this case, that end result is to be able to bring Places and Living Spaces to people in a literal 360° Directory that you can walk through anywhere in the world.

The idea comes from me wanting to be able to take my mom on a vacation, that she so much deserves, but I’ve struggled to be able to do that because of work restraints and just not having enough time or money to take her.

And that’s where the idea about building this directory came from.

It stems from not being able to travel like I’ve always wanted to.

So while I was on an actual vacation, which doesn’t happen very often, I decided to do a 360 Virtual Live Feed one day while walking through a forest. While on that walk, I noticed how much people loved to be able to see what I was seeing in 360°.

So I thought, why not bring the world to them in 360°? It not only helps Businesses, Places and Spaces but also brings the world to the people who might not be able to ever visit those local places and spaces. (Truth is: People love to explore over the internet too!)

I have many goals with this, but one of my main goals is to bring together a large group of 360° Photographers who will be able to help me in this dream of building a directory of Local Places and Spaces for people to explore, all while helping those places and spaces.

Hopefully, in doing this, maybe one day I’ll finally get to take my mom on that vacation that I’ve been trying to get her to go on for so long…


I love building new things! This directory is a result of long days and nights of following a dream to bring people to one site and let them explore Local Places and Spaces in a 360° directory.

Joel Gutierrez

Founder, Local 360 LLC