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FAQ’s For Local 360 Places

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Local 360 Places FAQs

Sometimes you have more questions. This is the section for Local 360 Places

Local 360 Living FAQs

The questions here might be a little different than Local 360 Places

360 Contributors FAQs

Questions answered for soon to be or current Local 360 Photographers.

FAQs for Places

How can I get my place listed?

Currently, you have to submit a request or be signed up by a sales rep. We do this because we personalize and build your listing page for you. This allows for us to make sure all the detail are correct and we provide you the best service.

We'll review the application and then contact you to setup a directory listing. We'll also put you in contact with a 360° Photographer.

Can I have multiple places?

Yes you can!

The only thing is, you'll have to setup a different account for each place. As we grow, we'll work on creating a platform for people with multiple businesses listings.

What are the different types of Packages?

Each package is setup to be able to accommodate everyone from the beginner places to the bigger places.

You can find more information on our pricing page.

What if I just want one 360 photo?

Currently we do not offer a package for just one photo.

We understand that some Places are small and don't need a huge Virtual Walk Through, so we've designed a package that can accommodate a smaller place with at least 5 photos.

Do you have a free package plan?

No. We do not offer Free Packages. Most directories that offer free listings don't setup the listing for you.

Then they try to sell you on buying other services which also include pay-per-click type listings.

As a Local 360 Places client, we want you to know exactly what you're getting and what it costs each month. Simple and No extra guess work.

What if I already have a 360° Tour?

No problem! If you already have a 360° Virtual Tour and have the rights to the photos, then we'll be able to utilize those photos to create a virtual tour here in our directory.

FAQs for Local Living

Some of your questions for Local 360 Living might of already been answered above. Please check those answers if you don’t see your question here.

How is this listing different than a “Places” listing?

With a 360 Living listing page, the setup is different. Each listing (space) on a “Listings Page” is a separate setup fee for each.

Example: For Local 360 Places the setup fee is specifically for that one place on the Local 360 Places website. If we do an apartment/loft building for Local 360 Living, each listing (space) on the “Listings Page” will require a setup fee.

i.e.: On a “Big Lofts” Page Listing, Loft 104, 210, 301 would all require a one time setup fee.

The monthly fee is for the “Living Listings Page” which is made up of different listings for spaces.

How long is a contract commitment?

You can do monthly or yearly. Yearly contracts get a 10% discount on their “Listings Page”.

How many listings can I have per page?

We try to keep it at 10 listings (spaces) per page. Each additional page after that is $10 a month extra.

What if I need to change/swap/delete a listing?

A change fee will be assessed for each request to change/swap/delete a listing on a Listings Page. You can find all the details here on the pricing page.

Can I add a listing (space) that isn’t associated with my building? *Apartments/Lofts

A page is specifically built for one building.

i.e.: Big Lofts and Little Lofts would require two separate “Page Listings”.

You can’t combine the two as it would get confusing on which space is where.

FAQs for Contributors

These are answers for People would like to become Contributors.

How do I become a Contributor?

Currently, you have to submit a request to become a contributor. We want to make sure our 360° Photographers are qualified for the jobs we assign.

Am I an Employee?

As a Contributor you’ll be an Independent Contractor that’s given a 1099 every year for taxes. You will be responsible for your own taxes.

How do I get jobs?

Each Local 360 Places Photographer will be contacted when a Place requested to be a part of the directory in their area.

Alternatively, we will also be working with sales reps who can also double as Local 360° Places Photographers.

Do I get credit for my photos?

Yes! We always believe in giving credit where credit is due! But once we pay you for your services, the photos become property of Local 360 Places.

Can I create a Portfolio?

Yes you can.

We’ve created a Social Site for our Local 360 Places photographers which will allow for you to build a portfolio and also connect with other 360 Photographers.

What if I’ve already taken 360° pictures for a place and they want to be a part of the directory?

We’ll have to see what package they fall under and then pay you accordingly.


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